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Plumb Cheap is a residential light commercial plumbing company serving Anne Arundel and surrounding counties in Maryland. We always commit to the highest standards of ethical business practices, reasonable rates, and quality craftsmanship when servicing your plumbing needs. Don’t let the name fool you! We use quality plumbing parts at affordable rates.



Dear Steve,

It’s Ginnie. I want to take a minute to thank you for a job well done. You were a delight to work with.

If I can say, you and your wife remind me of Michael and myself. Work hard for our kids and grandkids. Your hard work reflects the love you have for your family. I told Michael, after you left last night, “Now, THAT’S just a heck of a nice guy who just works really hard and loves his family”. I know that none of this is possible without the support of your wife. I know how much she does on your behalf.

So, as I said, finding a good and honest plumber is like finding a good mechanic that you trust. We feel very fortunate that out “google search” brought us to you.

We will use you again in the future as new appliances or issues warrant. We will definitely refer you to our friends.

If there is a site or a person that we can contact on your behalf, we would love for you to get the recognition of the integrity and completion of your work. You are a joy to have met.

Please thank your wife for us as well. It’s very apparent to us the sacrifices that she makes for you to work so hard.

Thank you again for a beautiful and complete job.

Warmest Regards,


Baltimore, MD-1

Plumb Cheap evaluated my fireplace and found that it was not a leak but that equipment needed to be replaced. He told me what the problem was and where I could get updated parts. I would recommend Plumb Cheap.

City:Baltimore, MD
Project:Repair or Install Gas Piping

Linthicum Heights, MD-1

Price was very reasonable given the amount of work he had to do. It was a particularly difficult installation due to the way the old faucet was installed. He arrived on time and did a great job.

City:Linthicum Heights, MD
Project:Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

Ellicott City, MD-1

Overall he did a fantastic job, he got out here quickly, did the work that I requested and stayed right with in his estimate. Very prompt and professional, I would definitely recommend him to others.

City:Ellicott City, MD
Project:Install a Tankless Water Heater System

Glen Burnie, MD-1

I had a leaky pipe coming out of my hot water heater. Steve came out on a Sunday to look at it! He told me he could replace the pipe or the heater. Since it was close to 20 years old, I opted for a new tank. He was honest when I asked about a tankless water heater – said the technology is still too expensive and I didn’t really need one but he’d do it if I wanted. I went with his recommendation on a new tank water heater. He and his guy came over and did the install the Friday evening after his initial look at the leak. That meant I didn’t miss work! I couldn’t be happier!

City:Glen Burnie, MD
Project:Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

Baltimore, MD-2

Mr. Rucker showed up to give me an estimate/diagnosis my problem after work. My wall was wet, and had been since March 2009. It is now October, and I was still no closer to fixing the issue. (I even had a new roof put on). I figured out on my own that it was plumbing problem after four roofers and another plumber told me it was the roof. It took Mr. Rucker 20 minutes to diagnosis and fix the issue. He actually listened to me, unlike any of the other repair men. Two weeks after his visit and repair work, and my wall is dry.

City:Baltimore, MD
Project:Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

Annapolis, MD-1

Mr Rucker went the extra mile for us. We had an extremely hard-to-find part that he spent an entire day hunting down, and drove 90 minutes away to pick up the only one in our metro area.”

City:Annapolis, MD
Project:Repair or Service a Water Heater

Phoenix, MD-1

Very to-the-point and direct. I expect “no surprises” in completion of the project. He is scheduled to do the work next week and I will provide update. Seems very capable and is cost effective.”

City:Phoenix, MD
Project:Repair or Install Gas Piping
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